Brake cam shaft Shaanqi hande axle

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Brake cam shaft Shaanqi hande axle
Brake cam shaft Shaanqi hande axle
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The old name of material drawing number drawing number price (yuan) 28/17  AZ9231320913 AZ9231320913   bevel gear; bevel gear parts; AZ9231320914 29/15 AZ9231320914   AZ9360320040 parts; bevel gear assembly, i=39/8  assembly; AZ9360320040 AZ9360320043 bevel gear assembly, i=39/8  assembly; AZ9360320043 AZ9360320046 bevel gear assembly, assembly of   i=35/6 AZ9360320046 AZ9360320049; bevel gear assembly, the AZ9360320049 assembly i=35/6 AZ9360320280 end gear flange assembly (180)   AZ9360320280   AZ9360324934; parts; the driving cylindrical gear assembly parts AZ9360324934 AZ9710290001 input gear shaft parts   AZ9710290001 AZ9710290003; output the gear shaft parts   AZ9710290003 AZ9761320016;   AZ9761320016& driven cylindrical gear; Nbsp; AZ9761320085 driving cylindrical gear assembly AZ9761320085 AZ9761320120HW1697 bridge bevel gear assembly AZ9761320120 AZ9761320121HW1697 bridge bevel gear assembly AZ9761320121 parts AZ9761320280 end tooth flange assembly (phi 180) AZ9761320280

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