Dongfeng Jia Yun left front apron

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Dongfeng Jia Yun
east wind
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number xml:namespace prefix product model product name 15000012-C1100-01B2.2m a row of half Cab - Standard (Yu Bai) 25000012-C1100-01E2.2m a row of half Cab - Standard (Pearl molybdenum red) 35000012-C1103-01B2.2m a row of half Cab - high (Yu Bai) 45000012-C1103-01E cab assembly (Guang Muhong Pearl) 55000012-C1108-01B cab assembly (Yu Bai 65000012-C1108-05B) cab assembly (Yu Bai 75000012-C1108-06B2.2m) a half cab (Yu Bai) 85000012-C1108-06E cab assembly (pearl red Mo) 95000012-C1110-01B cab assembly (Yu Bai 115000012-C1110-12E) cab assembly (Pearl molybdenum red) 12 5000012-C1110-12U cab assembly (Haiyue engineering yellow) 135000012-C1111-01B cab assembly (white jade) 145000012-C1115-01E cab assembly (Pearl molybdenum red) 15 5000012-C1125-01B2.2m a row of semi driving room - thick top (Yu Bai) 165000012-C1125-01E2.2m a row of half Cab - thick top (Pearl molybdenum red) 175000012-C1150-02E2.2m a row of half Cab - thick top (Guang Muhong pearl) 185000012-C1150-03E2.2m half Cab - thick top (pearl red Mo) 195000012-C1151-01K cab assembly (green) 205000012-C1201-02B2.2m single cab (Pearl molybdenum red) 215000012-C1201-02B2.2m single cab (Yu Bai) 225000012-C1201-03E2.2m single cab (pearl red Mo) 235000012-C1201-03B2.2m single cab (Yu Bai) 245000012-C1201-05B cab a (Yu Bai) 255000012-C1201-05E2.2m single cab (Pearl red Mo) 265000012-C1201-05P2.2M single cab (Dun Huanghong) 275 000012-C1202-01E2.2m a single row of cab (pearl red Mo) 285000012-C1202-01B2.2m single row cab (Yu BAI) 295000012-C1202-03E2.2m single row cab (pearl red Mo) 30< /o:p>5000012-C1202-0B

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