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Cummins Engine Assembly

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origin: Hubei
Published: Feb 21, 2012
Effective Date: 6 month
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Cummins Engine:Cummins latest technology,The lowest operating costs,Wholly electric control,European 3 emission.
Cummins engine, global power.
1 More fuel-efficient From the USA advanced design,lower fuel consumption than the 20% of the usual product
2 More powerful Powerful exhaust bypass valve is designed to provide low-speed performance more perfect
3 Excellent reliability The cylinder block&head with integrated design,to prevent the oil leakage
4 Economical,Affordable Lower the cost of maintenance and repair
5 Excellent cold star With warm-packed gas-electric power plant and 6.6kw starter
6 Euro 3 emission STD Meet the needs of ultra-low emission, passed EPA
7 High-performance Holset turbocharger exhaust bypass to improve low-speed torque.
8 Safety The safe use of automatic fault diagnosis without adjustment 200,000 km
 C xl
If you are interested in our product, please contact us, your enquiry will be highly appreciated.For ordering our products, please kindly show us the specific model,part name, part number and required quantities.
Cummins engine (B C L ISBe ISDe ISLe L375)

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