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Iron Horse auto parts Shiyan Ltd, was established on January 8, 2006 (iron horse technology Shiyan branch,Zhejiang), companies in the world in San Diego at the foot of Mount Wudang Taoist cultural heritageprotection, "car city" white high-tech development zone of Shiyan, China (Shiyan) auto city, South pointgreen treasure house of shennongjia, danjiang reservoir of middle route project in the North, East toXiangyang, West of Xian. Beautiful scenery, travel Czech Republic, favorable geographical position. Auto parts Shiyan City companies rely on local resources, the radiation of Dongfeng commercial vehicleaccessories, manufacturers, and strive to build Dongfeng commercial vehicle parts business platform.

The main products are: single, multi-layer nylon tube and assembly, brake hose and assembly (fluorine high temperature), silicone rubber tube, air conditioning pipes and assemblies, hydraulic pressure pipe and wire assembly (resin), Fu Su Tu pipes and assembly, and other products: Farm products: transmission assembly, harvesters rubber track, rubber track and other construction machinery. Iron Horse Products with high technological content, strong wine aging, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high strength, beautiful appearance, widely used in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction machinery and other industrial fields.

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Business Type: Industrial & Trading
Product/Service: Nylon pressure pipe assembly,Air brake hose,Hydraulic brake hose,Power steering low pressure oil pipe, Power steering high pressure oil pipe,High temperature fluorine rubber brake hose,Fiber braided PTFE hose,Passenger car engine line,Charger air cooler hose,Turbo charger hose,Coolant hose,Adblue tank assembly,Steel wire braided hose,Wire-braided PU hose,Air-intake rubber hose
Main Models: truck,bus,minibus,construction machinery

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