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Shiyan Auto Parts Huixin now renamed as Shiyan Cecil Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of the world cultural heritage Wudang Mountain, and enjoy the "city" reputation of Shiyan, here have developed industrial Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. is an operating strength, integrity and pragmatic, professional the rise of auto dealers, the company specializes in Dongfeng Tianlong, Kam, Hercules series commercial vehicle car accessories and Dongfeng Cummins series engine parts. Companies adhere to the main East, relying on the East, advocate the Dongfeng, Dongfeng service, integrity management, efforts to create a rigorous, pragmatic, honest, efficient and innovative auto parts service providers. We and the national provincial and County Dongfeng commercial vehicle service station. Special dealers. Auto parts dealers have a good long-term relations of cooperation; so you can buy authentic Dongfeng pure accessories; allows you to purchase products without worry about after-sales; company; Dongfeng Tianlong 460 bridge. 500 bridges Hercules Dongfeng Dana axle auto parts. Hercules wheel edge deceleration bridge auto parts. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Renault auto parts. Dr. injector agents. Dongfeng Cummins Reynolds injection pump fuel injector system. Dongfeng dragon [new] driving room electric car accessories. Hercules Dongfeng Auto parts. Dongfeng Tian Jin Jia Yun car accessories generation. The two generation. The three generation: cab assembly and accessories. Shaanxi Fashite gear box parts. After Dongfeng Dana Bridge Bridge Auto parts.; telephone; 0719-8312890; business QQ 627369054 view more parts in more detail, please log in; www.syhxqp.com  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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Company Name: Shiyan Cecil Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
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